the everyday: part 3 {march 9, 2012}

This kid is loving life.


Waking up early.

Skipping naps and requesting elmo instead.

Broken of a pacifier.

Counting to 10.

Eating jalepeno chips.

Talking with her hands, not sign language-style, but i-am-a-girl style.

On a super strong antibiotic that is clearing an infection that has been lingering for probably six months.

Speaking in full sentences. Most often:

  • “I want to go to grocery store?”
  • “Mama kiss it? All better.”
  • “Shilah big girl. Give paa-faa to Babu Beau.”
  • “Where it go? I FOUND IT!”
  • “Shilah read hungry cat-pillar, booooo-tiful buuhh-fly”

Yes, I know some of those weren’t full sentences.

On a related note, we have been careful not to get her stuck on saying “mine!” and consequently, she speaks in the third person often. Better? Worse? Oops.

I shall leave you with are a few great parenting reads for the weekend:

An article in the Huffington Post:


And, a delightful read on parenting:


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