a purple baby shower {baby violet}

On Saturday, I had the honor of hosting a baby shower. Honor. I mean it. What an amazing friend we got to celebrate, and I had four other ladies to put this shower on with me. Talk about the party planning dream team.

Scott and Lydia are having a baby girl. Her name will be Violet, which I think is beautiful. And it fits Lydia. Scott too, but it really fits Lydia. I love it.

I had Scott answer a bunch of questions that we were going to go through at the party but we didn’t even get the chance. Scott left a note at the end, how happy he was that Lydia gave him the gift of naming this little girl Violet and in an instant it occurred to me that this name I have been thinking of, praying for, talking about for months that fit Lydia so, so well…was Scott’s idea. And I thought that was pretty special, how well the three of them will fit together.

Anyhow, we did a photobooth at the party, which was a great way to get pictures of people at the shower and avoid all of those awkward sitting-down-opening-presents shots I usually get. These are way better.










A special appearance by Nana from NC!



There’s a veggie dip in the bottom of these cups. What a wonderful and mess-free idea!

a pretty mobile with something we want our children to know: God loves His childres/with a never stopping/never giving up/unbreaking/always/and forever/love.

A step back from the photobooth:

Notes for Lydia

Make a headband for baby V.

Sign a frame for V’s room





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